This Bag Contains My Face Make Up Bag - Aven Mart

"So True" Makeup Bag

We all know our daily struggles of makeup. Yup, only girls can understand. And, guys keep on complaining and saying "you take so long to get ready bla bla". Well, guess what? That's why we came up with this "So True" Make Up Bag. The next time someone asks you or annoys you with those kind of questions, just show them your bag and be like "This bag contains my face, until I put on everything that's in this bag, we ain't going anywhere"..

Its a ridiculously funny beauty bag. If you're sitting in a restaurant or at your work desk, keep this bag on the table proudly. Because, only you and I know, what it takes to get ready everyday. Once you have this bag with you at all times, people are gonna be able to understand the struggle, Lol.

So, add this bag to your cart and order it today. Once you get it, post it on your Instagram or Facebook, tag all your girl friends and let the comments keep on rolling. I'm sure, every single girl will be able to relate to this.