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Self Training Rebound Tennis Ball Baseboard Tool

Self Training Rebound Tennis Ball

PREMIUM MATERIAL — The base is made of quality plastic designed to be sturdy and durable. Rubber rope is highly elastic and can withstand constant stretching without breaking.

FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS — Great training tool for beginners and intermediate players. 

EASY TO USE — Place water, sand, or any weight on the back plate of the training machine so that it is heavy enough to allow the ball to rebound after striking. Self-Training Tennis Tool helps improve the concentration, athletic ability and hand and eye coordination.

PERFECT GIFT — Great gift for your friends, family members and children who love playing tennis. Helps to improve stroke action, foot work and precision hitting control.

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How To Use:

  • Fill the base with water and it instantly becomes heavy enough to hold the unit in place. Non-skid pads underneath help keep it stable

  • Unwrap the cord, hit the ball as hard as you want, and the ball bounces back to you. -The harder you hit the faster the ball is rebounded to you

  • Rubber cord is 15 feet long and stretches to 30 feet for hard hit balls. To shorten the rebound, wrap some of the cord around the base to your desired length

  • A great device to practice your strokes, develop a faster swing speed, or simply warm up

  • Great for driveways, garages, basements, or bring it to the court with you!