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NFC Wearable Smart Ring


Have you ever wondered about getting a Smart Ring that packs all the features of a phone?! No need to look further and get this NFC Ring.

For day-to-day use, it’s quite cumbersome to take out your smartphone every now & then. This NFC Smart Ring – Magic Finger NFC Ring comes with all the important features that you want in an NFC Smart Ring!

If you are a tech savvy person, this multi-functional smart ring is a must-have gadget for you. It is designed purposefully with simplicity, comfort, and elegance in mind. NFC Smart Ring is a wearable gadget that offers to connect with a smartphone with Near Field Communication(NFC) to perform its functions and content sharing.

NFC ring packs tons of features to make any tech-savvy person’s life easier! It is designed in such a way that even for fashion point of view, it will look premium on your finger and fits perfectly with all the comfort. It is IP68 certified with an extreme water-resistant design. You can use it without any kind of power supply. Just place the smart ring in the NFC area of the Smartphone to perform various functions like Screen Unlocking, App Lock/Unlock, Quick app launch, Card reading and many more.

You will be exhausted from reading the number of features it packs in such a tiny space. NFC smart ring will make your life easier along with updating yourself with latest fashion trends. Firstly the material- The material used to prepare this is liquid tungsten which has no grain structure and posses higher-strength and never deforms after bending.

Key Features:

  • You can easily share information with other devices efficiently with NFC Smart Ring.
  • It has 106 KB/s data transmission speed, and 100,000 cycles of writing operation durability which can be stored for 10 years effectively with guaranteed safety and stability of the data.
  • The “M1” and “ID” Letters area is equipped with new dual-core NXP MCU chipset.
  • You can easily set up the startup command to start a program early. As soon as the smart ring touches the phone, it will automatically find the startup programs and start automatically.
  • The main function of NFC smart ring is to store and exchange private information with mobile content and privacy encryption unlocking.
  • With the added functionality of storing the private content in the ring and you can unlock these content with the smart ring only makes this NFC smart ring a special one!
  • It will serve the main purpose of storing private cards like Credit/Debit cards, Subway cards, Bus card along with similar functionality cards.
  • This NFC Magic Ring supports most devices like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other NFC equipped smartphones and devices.
  • With the added support of IP68 waterproof-resistant, dustproof features and fall-proof as well.

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So, What are you waiting for? Get this today before it runs out!