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Powerful Magnetic Apple iPad Secure Wall Mount

Simply Pick and Place Your iPad

Place It Wherever You'd Like

You Definitely Need It On Your Work Desk

Get Bored In The Kitchen? Not Anymore!

Singing In The Bathtub? Not Anymore!

Easy, Simply and Affordable Magnetic iPad Wall Mount.

Have A Case On Your iPad? No Problem. It Still Works!

How To Use:

1) Peel off the 3M Power film. Use the wipes that come along with the package, to clean the surface on the wall as well the iPad.

2) Paste it right in the middle of your iPad or iPhone

3) Paste the Power magnet holder on the wall.

4) All good to go.

Package Includes:

2 X Power Magnetic Attraction Cards (1 for iPad and 1 for iPhone)

1 X Power Magnet Wall Mount

2 X Wipes

Supported Models: All Apple iPad Models / Apple iPhone / Lenovo/ Galaxy Tab