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Mini 5ml Refillable Perfume Bottle

5pcs Mini 5ML Refillable Perfume Bottle

This new Mini 5ML Refillable Perfume Bottle is the perfect accessory to store your favorite perfume, make-up remover, aftershave, and many other liquid beauty products into a smaller container without having to take the whole and big bottles with you during your travels. This is essential for minimalist women who love portability and convenience. Save enough space and storage on your luggage, this perfume bottle is very handy and portable which perfect for small handbags and pouches. It can even fit on your pocket! Eliminate the stress of thinking about where to put your big bottles. With small atomizers, you can refill them with your beloved perfume and other beauty necessities then you’re good for the trip!

The Mini 5ML Refillable Perfume Bottle comes in 5 pcs with random colors. This is ideal for women who love different scents of perfume on every occasion. The bottles are designed airplane-safe very durable and not easily susceptible to leaking, scratches, or breaking. With an easy pump-to-fill technology, it provides a fine and stronger spray of 50-60 times on a single refill. You can easily refill the bottle in seconds.

The 5pcs Mini 5ML Refillable Perfume Bottle is made with a super lightweight aluminum design which is great for travel on any occasion. Please note that the bottle comes empty upon receipt with no perfume inside. Before filling with perfume, you need to tighten the atomizer up. This is a glass bottle with a spray top that screws on tight. That is then enclosed in a brushed silver metal casing to protect it from getting crushed inside your purse and avoid leaking. This perfume bottle is a travel essential for both men and women. Enjoy the convenience of portability. With a small atomizer bottle, you can spray your perfume and freshen up whenever and wherever you want.


  • This perfume atomizer set is airplane safe and will not leak inside your purse or suitcase. It is a travel essential for both men and women, perfect for storing your perfume, aftershave, makeup remover and so on. Give you a fresh perfume spray when you are on the go all day
  • 5ml perfume can spray 50-60 times
  • Lightweight Material – Made of pet inner bottle and aluminum outer shell, durable and not easily susceptible to leaking, scratches, or breaking
  • Size – 85 mm length X 15mm diameter; 5 ml capacity and 0.84 ounces weight; Mini and easy to carry
  • Refillable perfume spray with easy pump-to-fill technology, rapidly refill in seconds from the bottom, easily remove

How to refill and remove:

  • Remove spray nozzle of the pump, place the bottom of the bottle on the tube of the pump, simply press the bottom against your perfume gauge and keep clicking until it is refilled.
  • Pour perfume or oil into the bottle directly from the top opening. You need to screw the cap off, then take the atomizer apart to pour the liquid into the container, and tighten the atomizer up.
  • Remove perfume: You can remove it from the top opening, clean the bottle then refill another liquid.


  • 5 x Mini 5ML Refillable Perfume Atomizer