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12X Zoom QX9-HD Phone Camera Lens

Universal 12X Zoom Clip-On Smartphone Lens

An HD 12X zoom lens that was developed for the recreational photographer who wants to take professional-quality photos and videos on their smartphone. Today's smartphone cameras boast impressive photographic capabilities. But if you want to take your cellular photography to the next level, this clip on Telephoto Camera Lens is a must have.

For the steady of hand, this Telephoto lens will turn your device into a telescope much like the one Galileo first turned toward the heavens in the 17th century. It offers 8X magnification, making it great for nature and sports shots, as well as some amateur astronomy. 

  • Adjustable up to 8 or 12 times zoom lens: Simply adjust the manual focus ring of the camera lens to get the highest definition picture.
  • Easy to use - Equipped with a clip attachment that snaps onto your phone snugly without damaging it. Remove the clip and use the lens as a monocular telescope to help you view distant objects, sceneries, games and concerts more clearly.
  • High Definition Photography - Constructed with high quality optical glass with 8x or 12X zoom wide angle capability to help you capture high resolution shots without going near your subject.
  • Portable and Durable: High quality plastic material increases the durability. Unique camera lens appearance makes it stylish and sleek. Portable design also allows you to put it into your pocket and take amazing pictures everywhere.
  • Great Quality High Resolution Clip-on Smartphone Camera Lens with 12X Zoom suitable for almost all camera-equipped smartphones (NOT for phones like 7 PLUS & similar cameras)