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When I Needed A Hand, I Found A Paw.

There are times in life when everybody needs a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on, unfortunately, when you do find yourself in that situation, there isn’t always someone there to offer one, unless that is, you have a dog! If you’re lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you’re golden! You have all of the comfort, support and care that you could possibly ask for! When I needed a hand, I found a paw.

According to researchers at the University of Sussex, in the UK, dogs are better, and more sensitive listeners than one might assume. Their findings indicate that dogs actually process verbal content separately from emotional parts of speech. What that means is that your furry best friend is really paying attention to everything you tell him/her. It turns out that dogs are actually very good listeners and their patience knows no bounds.

In addition, our dogs provide us with a safe environment in which to vent and offer us unconditional love. They can’t laugh, and probably wouldn’t even if they could, and they don’t judge. Your heartbroken monologue won’t be interrupted, as a matter of fact, they’re there just to listen to every word you say. What makes them all the more special, is that you can rest easy knowing that all of your deepest secrets and emotional outpourings are safe when you tell them to your furbaby. As if you didn’t already know that your loveable pooch pays attention to every word you say, these new findings actually set in stone the fact that your pup is the truest BFF you’ll ever have!


‘Bobbie the Wonder Dog’ traveled 4,105 km to return to his family home

Bobbie was accidentally separated from his family, while they were on a road trip in Indiana, in the year 1923. After carrying out an extensive and exhaustive search for their beloved dog, the family reached their home in Oregon, disappointed and sad.

6 months later, Bobbie appeared. He was there at the doorstep of his family home, gotten all scrawny and bony from the long walk that he set all the way from Indiana to his home in Oregon. On his journey back, he precisely scaled a distance of 4,105 km, crossing through all the physical hurdles of mountains, deserts, and plains falling in between. On an average, Bobbie must have travelled about 23 km each day.

FACT SOURCEhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobbie_the_Wonder_Dog

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